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Mage Knight Apocalypse preview

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Mage Knight Apocalypse preview

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 13 October 2005, 15:08:33

Tags: Bandai Namco Entertainment; Mage Knight: Apocalypse

GameSpot has posted a <a href=http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/mageknightapocalypse/news.html?sid=6135650&mode=top>preview[/url] of Mage Knight Cleric Apocalypse Elves Dwarves Soil Erosion, which is like this new amazingly cool game, because a game with such a name has gotta be cool and awesome.

The game has made tremendous progress since we last saw it in May at E3--it now features four of the five playable characters and five of the game's six main regions. The playable characters will include the dwarf warrior and female vampire we saw at E3, as well as an amazon warrior, an elf guardian (a holy warrior not unlike a high-fantasy paladin), and a wizard of the "draconum" race (a species of humanoid, human-sized, flying dragons).
You'll also be able to use your home town's forge to socket magical gems known as "magestone shards" into your weapons and items. These shards will have immediate effects on your inventory (a sword equipped with a red shard may deal fire-based damage, for instance)
Over the course of the game, you'll develop your character in one of three major skills (each character will have a unique trio of skills); for instance, the amazon uses three different combat stances; a bear stance for hand-to-hand fighting; an eagle stance for fighting with a bow and arrows; and a jaguar stance to perform stealth attacks.​
The name actually fits the game. Both lack originality and are made of elements that a 12-year old would consider cool.

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