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Age of Pirates preevoo at Hooked Gamers

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Age of Pirates preevoo at Hooked Gamers

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 17 October 2005, 08:07:09

Tags: Age of Pirates

Yup, Hooked Gamers has a nifty preview of Age of Pirates. Yeah, it's another high seas CRPG from the landlubbers at Akella. Anyway, clip:

That's as far as the story goes in Age of Pirates. You'll find out more about Blaze and Beatrice as you play the game but their backgrounds don't really influence the overall plot. In fact, the plot is simple and straightforward. It's your task to finish the job that Nicholas started and bring the entire Caribbean under your rule. Now that's a challenge! While you're trying to achieve your main goal the game will keep you entertained and gaining experience through randomly generated quests. These quests aren't generated at the start of the game but are continuously generated so that you never run out. In essence, this enable you to play an endless game that continues until you have reached the main goal at a time of your choosing.​
I really like randomly generated things. A few years ago, I didn't. Today, random is good. Why? Because most of the hand written quests the developers script are about as mundane as the stuff a generator spits up so you might as well have the variety.

Thanks, Falconer!

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