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Titan Quest prefun at C&VG

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Titan Quest prefun at C&VG

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 26 November 2005, 23:19:20

Tags: Titan Quest

Computer and Video Games has a tiny little preview of Titan Quest with a few choice quotes from Brian Sullivan. Here's a bit about that:
"As far as roleplaying goes, the fantasy genre's been a little overdone over the last 20 years," Iron Lore head honcho Brian Sullivan tells us. "We think ancient history is a nice refreshing topic for the genre." [Superfilious Lethal Weapon crap deleted because it was pointless and idiotic]

Titan Quest is extremely Diabloesque in essence, if not in setting. To distil it down to the basics: you take control of a little pectoral man (or breasted woman), and move around an environment, clicking on baddies to hit them or chuck spells in their general direction. Many dead monsters yield random loot and weapons as they breathe their last. You level up and improve your character, then resume the beast-bashing. It's a sub-genre that hasn't had a decent injection of love and tenderness since the days of Diablo (Dungeon Siege withstanding), and Sullivan, starting up Iron Lore after a rewarding spell at Ensemble Studios, reckons filling this gap is the perfect way to pin his new company's colours to the mast.

One could make the claim that if it's got magic and swords, it's not exactly that far removed from high fantasy. Yes, high fantasy is over-done, but magic and swords with Greek monsters isn't exactly pushing that envelope.

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