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Ashes Q&A at RPGDot

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Ashes Q&A at RPGDot

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 28 November 2005, 10:15:05

Tags: Ashes: Two Worlds Collide

There's a new interview at RPGDot discussing the recently announced Ashes: Two Worlds Collide. Here's a little bit about the turn based combat, because it interested me:

RPGDot: Ashes goes against the trend of real-time combat and opts for turn-based combat. Could you please describe this in more detail? How do "smart turns" work?

Going against that trend isn't easy. Especially because I couldn't stand the modern implementation (i.e.: Squaresoft) of turn based combat, meaning that the world will "phase-out" to bring you in a separate combat arena... so, about the "Smart turn" system - it's fairly simple…

Shadowmoses: ... If someone or something is intent on attacking you and within a certain range, the game will switch to turn based mode. Similarly, when the danger is over it will switch back to real time. Of course the player can initiate combat whenever they want providing there's a valid target. Ashes combat is turn based for the simple reason that it allows for a more tactical approach. Good combat allows for the possibility that tactics can prevail over might. Real time and the notion that it somehow adds to immersion seems to be more of a myth than anything else. In our minds at least it removes the player somewhat from the experience by offering less control. Of course you could argue that real time adds to the immersion in first person games but Ashes isn't that kind of game… and twitch vs. role-play is another debate all together!​
Okay, so what's so "smart" about that? Most turn based games made within the last ten years work like that.

Thanks, Dhruin!

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