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Space Rangers 2 cuddled up with RPGDot

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Space Rangers 2 cuddled up with RPGDot

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 6 December 2005, 18:52:29

Tags: Space Rangers 2: Dominators

RPGDot has a review of Space Rangers 2. The score is a 9/10, probably because the game is apparently pretty sweet. Anyway, here's a clip about life in the universe:

This sense of a living universe is one of Space Rangers' strongest points. Many systems will have dozens of other ships moving about, including other Rangers who are in direct competition with the player - there's even a ranking system and leader board to track your performance against each of them. Some ships will call for your help when attacked by another, or even approach you to propose an advance attack on another ship. It's hard to know exactly how intelligent the AI is but sometimes you'll discern behaviour that seems like individual personalities: one specific pirate drove me mad by seeming to follow me to different systems, always harassing my ship, then zipping off with his superior speed to take refuge at a planet if I landed any significant damage on him.​
Man, I really want this game. That's one area where a lot of these types of games don't go far enough with - making things consistant and allowing the other ships to be more than targets and attackers.

Thanks, Dhruin!

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