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JoWood's plans for the Gothic brand

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JoWood's plans for the Gothic brand

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 1 January 2006, 21:33:05

Tags: JoWood Productions

Welcome to 2006, folks. According to JoWood News, JoWood, a publisher known for the Gothic and SpellForce games, has shared its bright vision of the future with the investors.

JoWooD plans on starting to develop Playstation Portable games, because of the fast growing market, the low production costs and casual gamers as main target. Possible games for the PSP would be Panzer Elite Action, Neighbours from Hell, Pusher, Kao, Legend of Kay and the Skiracing series. JoWooD isn't going into the next generation consoles yet. They've decided to give the next gen console market some time to grow before they entering it.

On this meeting JoWooD also stated its long-term strategy. This includes stronger community work, in-game advertising and increasing online sales.

For future games they are looking into Gothic 4, SpellForce 3, Gothic Episodes, Gothic for consoles and Gothic and Spellforce MMORPG's. All these games were mentioned on a slide labeled "Brand Development" (transl.)​
Looks like the Gothic franchise will be thoroughly milked and whored out for all it's worth. Brand development, huh?

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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