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GameSpot checks out Space Rangers 2

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GameSpot checks out Space Rangers 2

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Wed 25 January 2006, 22:30:09

Tags: 1C Entertainment; Space Rangers 2: Dominators

Gamespot PC have their own <a href=http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/spacerangers2dominators/news.html?sid=6142753&mode=previews>preview[/url] of Space Rangers 2 up. It seems press copies are circulating--where's ours, you jerks?

You can best think of Space Rangers 2 as a combination of Star Control and Sid Meier's Pirates! with some real-time strategy and role-playing thrown in. Your job is to create your own unique avatar and fly about the galaxy, doing pretty much whatever you want to do. You can live the life of a trader, be a pirate or mercenary, or just go and explore the unknown sectors of the galaxy. Heck, you can even run for planetary office and govern a planet if you want--though if you do, you'll need to make all sorts of decisions to keep your grip on power. Or, you can attempt to conquer planets by commanding giant robots on the battlefield. It sounds like a crazy and ambitious mix of gameplay, but judging from the very positive reception the game is getting in Europe, it apparently works.​
It's kind of funny, but with all the crazy stuff Space Rangers 2 seems to do, Escape Velocity Nova, which was pretty awesome in its own right, looks downright limited in comparison.

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