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Gamer's Hell Q&A on Spells of Gold

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Gamer's Hell Q&A on Spells of Gold

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 16 November 2002, 23:09:44

Tags: Spells of Gold

Gamer's Hell has popped up an interview on Spells of Gold. Enjoy this:

Is the game more similar to Diablo or Baldur's Gate?

This is not so easy to answer this question. Something in between, I would say. The world, and the complex storyline make it more similar to BG, but its combat system is similar to that of Diablo. Generally speaking, we would not much like to compare it to any particular game, because we are not making a clone of any game, and in terms of gameplay SoG is different from any other RPG of today.​

It's questions like these that make me want to hurt people. It's a CRPG, so it must be either Diablo or Baldur's Gate, right? Pffffffft.

Thanks for the head's up, Lasse!

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