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Two Worlds Q&A at RPG Vault (moron alert!)

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Two Worlds Q&A at RPG Vault (moron alert!)

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 4 March 2006, 20:31:55

Tags: Two Worlds

RPG Vault has posted a 3-page interview with Two Worlds developers. Here is a nice overview for your convinience:

Two Worlds is a fantasy role-playing game. There are three words to characterize it best - combat, story and freedom. Combat, because it is the most important way to solve the problems, and also the most attractive.​
They've lost me at "Hello"

Story as this gives the play a sort of backbone. We really wanted to avoid situations where the main goal dissipates somewhere between two, less important quests. I can't reveal the backstory, simply because our idea for storytelling in Two Worlds implies revealing the important bits and pieces of the heroes' past as the main story goes.​
Translation: the story is the weakest point, and it's too pathetic to be revealed at this point.

One thing you will not see in Two Worlds, however, are unnecessarily multiple dialogue options that give you the illusion of freedom, but change nothing. If there is a choice, it is not declared in dialogue, but must be done in the gameplay. Dialogues only illustrate and summarize what players have done and sometimes provide more information. Two Worlds is a role-playing, not a role-speaking game.​
Role-speaking game? That's a new one. I hope that Miroslaw's countrymen are very ashamed right now.

We assumed that inventing a unique setting wouldn't add anything valuable to our game.​

Two Worlds is very combat-oriented.​
No kidding

... This means there is no need to launch each and every attack; just select the target and let the avatar do the rest.​
Apparently, someone liked the worst feature from Dungeon Siege. Doesn't come as a surprise at this point.

The fun lies in tactical usage of various skills, avoiding being surrounded, reacting properly to the attacks and special skills of opponents, etc. ... We designed the entire system to stimulate tactical thinking and to require upgrading skills with some purpose in mind.​
Somehow I doubt that this bright team has what it takes to deliver on those promises, but time will tell.

Thanks, Jora

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