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Codex reviews Space Rangers 2

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Codex reviews Space Rangers 2

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 14 March 2006, 20:19:32

Tags: Space Rangers 2: Dominators

Still not sure if Space Rangers 2: Dominators is worthy of your attention? Let us help you:

The Space Rangers 2’s impressive and very beautiful 200+ planet universe is dynamic and alive: pirates attack ships, ships form brief alliances and attack pirates; the Dominators open up black holes and attack planet systems; the Rangers defend systems they still have and attack systems they’ve lost, sometimes recovering them, sometimes not; space bases are being destroyed and built (you can even finance the building of one). You are thrown in the middle of all that goodness, and what you do is really up to you. You can try your skills in trade, piracy, planet exploration via probes, diplomacy via text quests, and of course, you can help the good guys fight the good fight.​

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