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Two Worlds Q&A, part II

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Two Worlds Q&A, part II

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 16 March 2006, 13:13:03

Tags: Two Worlds

RPG Vault has posted the second part of the Two Worlds' <a href=http://www.rpgcodex.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=11484&start=0>interview[/url]:

Since we know you've created an unusual type of magic system for Two Worlds, why did you decide to do so, and how does it function?

Miroslaw Dymek: We have developed quite a serious magic arsenal. There are offensive, defensive and curative spells divided into five magic schools. Summons are also available.

To cast a spell, you need magic points and at least one magic card. You know, when we were working on a magic system, there was a problem that really bugged us for a long time. The player usually spends valuable resources (i.e. Skill Points) to master a certain spell. Then, in the course of the game, it turns out to be inefficient or too weak compared to new and more advanced ones. It was a waste and had nothing to do with system efficiency. So, we introduced replaceable spell cards. You do not learn them, just keep in the spell slot, stack them for more power, mix with other cards for various additional effects and so on. Anytime you feel the spell is not good enough, you replace it with another, add more cards etc.
On side quests

The main idea is to diversify the side missions, show various elements of the gameworld, its history, conflicts, etc. At the same time, there is always something that links the mission with the core plot, be it a piece of important information, another point of view, valuable resources to use later on, etc.

Freedom to choose and resolve side missions is another issue. It is pretty standard that RPGs offer more or less freedom in this field. We also try to give some kind of purpose and meaning to the process. The results of your actions must be observed almost immediately or they lose importance, so, for example, if the town is under siege and you open the gate, the invading army pours in, kills the citizens and starts to run the place. You quickly learn to take responsibility for what you do and that makes the game rather serious.​
The question is "Do your actions affect your character and gameplay or do you merely observe the results?"

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