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Dungeon Lords CE demo out

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Dungeon Lords CE demo out

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 10 April 2006, 19:12:03

Tags: Dungeon Lords

3DGamers has the new demo of Dungeon Lords. The new demo is 556MB, so it's most likely just for broadbanders. Here's a bit on the new demo:

New monsters native to Dungeon Lords collector's Edition are located at various areas throughout the demo. Mushmen can be found in the wilderness backwoods near the goblin shacks outside of Fargrove. Be careful as they are tough!

Beware also of the Carrion Wyrm there for an unlucky souls who find it in the Sewers.


Dungeon Lords does not currently support multitasking when run as a full-screen application. If you use the Alt-Tab key combination to minimize the game you will need to close it from the Task Manager and will lose any progress since your last save.

You can play Dungeon Lords in a window by running the executable using the command line parameter "dlords -gdi". Playing in this mode will allow you to switch between applications, however mouselook will no longer work.​
Heh heh heh.. Mushmen.

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