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Paradise Cracked Q&A on Gamer's Hell

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Paradise Cracked Q&A on Gamer's Hell

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 19 November 2002, 08:05:32

Tags: Paradise Cracked

Gamer's Hell has done an interview with the Paradise Cracked boys. It's a pretty long one, and covers many aspects of the tactical CRPG. Here's a clip:

How long does it take to ?level up? in the game, and can all characters ?level-up? all their abilities?

The character development system is similar to that of DIABLO, for example, That is you gain experience by killing you enemies and by fulfilling quests. As your character?s experience points reach a certain value, the character gets a ?level-up? and a number of IMPROVEMENT POINTS to distribute between his\her abilities.

As I have said before, the number of improvement points is different for different characters. All the parameters (abilities) are interconnected in such a way, so you cannot develop one parameter without limiting some other ( thus Strength limits Intellect, and visa versa).

Each character has 2 ?non-combat? parameters, and a number of ?combat? ones. ?Non-combat? parameters include Intellect and Driving. Intellect enables to use high tech weapons, and is very important to hackers. The higher is the parameter the greater chance the hacker has to unlock a door or to break a cash dispenser. In addition this parameter determines the hacker?s ability to break robots. The higher is your hacker?s Intellect the greater is the chance the hacker has to break up a robot.

Driving determines the character?s driving skills. Good driving skills will enable your characters drive any military vehicles, including heavy tanks. But even a mini-bus may be of great help in combat, because you can simply run over your enemy with it, instead of engaging into a fight with him\her.

Each parameter has a maximum value, which your character can reach. But ?level-up? is not the only means to make your character more efficient. You may develop your character by setting up special cyber implants into your character?s body And once implanted an implant cannot be removed. Therefore you should choose implants carefully, and think twice before implanting a cyber device in your character?s body..​

That's fairly odd. Why would Strength and Intellect be connected? Heck, the smartest man in the world is currently working as a bouncer in a bar while working on his unified field theory.

Spotted this at ShackNews.

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