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Space Rangers 2 mixed bag from Out of Eight

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Space Rangers 2 mixed bag from Out of Eight

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 10 May 2006, 18:32:36

Tags: Space Rangers 2: Dominators

Out of Eight has a review of Space Rangers 2. The game scores a respectable 6/8, with high marks going for the amount of stuff you can do but low marks going towards lack of missions, trade heavy beginnings, and so on. Here's the conclusion:

I can see how Space Rangers 2 could potentially be a very enjoyable game, but there are just too many minor issues that make the game more frustrating than it should be. Space Rangers 2 certainly has many different modes of play that keeps the game fresh: planetary battles, trading, missions, ship upgrades, and the like. Space Rangers 2 takes several different ideas and gameplay mechanics and molds them into an interesting and fluid package. The problem is that each of the areas has one or two things that annoy the heck out of you: the poor AI in planetary battles, the complex ship upgrade system, and the inappropriately difficult missions. Unfortunately, you seem to remember the bad experiences in the game due to the minor issues rather than the entertaining aspects of the title. Space Rangers 2 should be a fun game to play, but the lasting impression is a great concept that falls short on complete execution.​
I could have done without the planetary battles in favor of a more complex and logical ship upgrade system. I still say this game should have focused on the space trader aspect and ditched the minigame stuff including how black holes are handled, the planetary missions, and so forth.

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