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Two Worlds impressions at GameSpot

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Two Worlds impressions at GameSpot

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 19 May 2006, 17:11:45

Tags: Two Worlds

Remember Two Worlds? There is a short <a href=http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/twoworlds/news.html?sid=6151441&mode=previews>overview[/url] at GameSpot, so take a look, if that title has managed to grab your attention.

...the combat looks intense and more immersive than the combat in Oblivion.​
I like how everyone gives Oblivion top scores and then quietly complains about the game in other articles. It's the fourth quiet stab at Oblivion this week. Journalistic integrity in action.

Visually, Two Worlds looks really good, and arguably better than Oblivion in terms of graphics. We saw beautifully rendered forests, picturesque villages, and plenty of fearsome creatures to battle.​
<a href=http://www.rpgcodex.com/images/news/View%205.JPG>Even better than this?[/url]

You'll be caught in the middle of all this, and it's up to you to decide what to do next. The gameworld is entirely dynamic, which means that your decisions have an affect on everything. For instance, you may join a guild to get skills but then discover that to join another guild later on you'll have to betray your existing guild. Do you? These kinds of situations will lead to all sorts of possibilities in terms of story, and we're told that there are more than 200 different possible endings.​
The real question is "what are the consequences of betraying a guild?" Are we dealing with imaginary role-playing like in Oblivion or is something gameplay-affecting really going to happen?

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