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NWN must DIE

NWN must DIE

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 27 May 2006, 19:45:56

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

Per this news item on Sorcerer's Place, it appears that Neverwinter Nights is dead as far as Atari is concerned. So, here's the first quote of the IRC crap:

May 26 02:55:16 <[DLA]Steel_Wind> Atari called to tell BioWare they were stopping the premium mod program and not authorizing any further patches for NWN1
May 26 02:55:22 Ouch.
May 26 02:55:23 * Cygnata points to Lisa. Is.
May 26 02:55:24 <[DLA]Steel_Wind> They did not want any talk of free horses at E3
May 26 02:55:25 Yikes!
May 26 02:55:33 <[DLA]Steel_Wind> NWN1 is dead. Atari killed it.
May 26 02:55:35 lol
May 26 02:55:37 SW: WHY?
May 26 02:55:42 <[DLA]Lisa> the live team was disbanded
There's also some clarafication that the live team hasn't been disbanded in this thread on the subject.

So, finally, it's DOOMED! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED! Mwuhahahahahha! DOOM!

Thanks, Taluntain!

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