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Titan Quest hands-on at GameSpot

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Titan Quest hands-on at GameSpot

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 3 June 2006, 19:37:57

Tags: Titan Quest

There's a preview over at GameSpot about Titan Quest. It covers the classes, the combat, and other things you might expect. Anyway, here's a few things about the dual class system:
The unique thing about Titan Quest is that instead of forcing you to play one specific class, it lets you select two "masteries" to create a unique class, such as a magic-casting fighter, or a rogue that can tap into storm magic. These masteries revolve around a particular type of warfare or magic, and each is powerful on its own, but when every player is able to combine any two masteries together, it's a good bet that most characters in the game are going to wind up being fundamentally different from one another. Add to this the fact that each mastery has 20 different skills to explore, and you wind up with a considerable amount of customization options and replayability.

Of course, the problem with that notion is that it really ends up feeling like you're playing two classes at once rather than building your own. That's why a skill based system trumps it. It actually feels like less replay value than more once you figure this out.

Spotted at: Blue's News

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