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Prince of Qin patch

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Prince of Qin patch

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 20 November 2002, 18:14:52

Tags: Prince of Qin

Strategy First has put up the 1.16b patch for Prince of Qin. Here's the skinny on it:

1. The scene-switching operation has been optimized by the removal
of the Loading page.

2. Now players can activate the dialogue interface just by pressing
the Enter key. However, to shut down the interface players must
still press Esc or F8 key.

3. Now characters? names in the list of dialogue participants can be
sorted automatically.

4. Now players can easily view dialogues because words will appear
immediately above the speaker?s head.

5. Now players can view the HP change of all NPCs and gamers through
the percentage appearing above their heads. The green numeral
represents the acquired HP and the red one represents the lost HP.

6. The bug whereby players sometimes cannot talk with NPCs after
switching scenes has been fixed.

7. The bug which prevents gamers from viewing other pages of the group
list has been fixed.

8. The bug whereby the moving speed of a unit cannot be recovered after
being subjected to a Speed-down Curse by Wizard Envoy or Monster
ShanYi has been fixed.

9. The bug which prevents players from giving items to and investing
skills upon other team members whose series numbers are above 5
has been fixed.​

Spotted this over at Blue's News.

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