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Warp Rogue overloads to 0.61

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Warp Rogue overloads to 0.61

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 12 June 2006, 08:25:32

Tags: Warp Rogue

<s>Tower of Doom</s>Warp Rogue has now hit version 0.61 of the gothic sci-fi rogue-like developed by some goofball from one of those ex-Communist countries somewhere in the world. Unlike the older rogue-like he was working on, this one has a hint of graphics on the interface to make it purdy. But hey, shotguns kick ass, right? Anyway, the changes:
  • Traders and engineers no longer move around.
  • The "Alertness" ability lacked a description. Fixed. (Henrik Gustafsson)
  • New ability: "Improved evocation".
  • New ability: "Psychic resistance".
  • Psychic overloads were implemented.
  • Portability improvements.
  • The "Nomat" stimm now has negative side effects.
  • A few in-game messages were improved.
  • Taking a stimm now consumes an action.
  • Characters can no longer take the same stimm multiple times.
  • The game now looks the same on all supported platforms.
  • Performance improvements.
  • The game no longer depends on SDL_ttf.
Anyone really need a joke about copx forgetting the description of "Alertness"? That one writes itself.

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