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Titan Quest swoons RPG Front

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Titan Quest swoons RPG Front

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 26 July 2006, 18:17:57

Tags: Titan Quest

RPG Front has a review of Titan Quest. It scores an 8/10 with pros being replay value, editors and the like, with the cons being the lack of something like and storage:
When you kill a monster, they’ll drop stuff, and rest assured, there’s a ton of stuff for you to collect. There are over 50 sets of items, and hundreds of unique individual items. What’s really cool about this is the distinctive look of each and every item in the game. Unlike many other games, the equipment in Titan Quest looks, and feels unique with its huge variety of models, textures and effects. There is one problem, however, and that is the lack of storage space. While you’ll get a pack in each of the three acts of the game, your storage space is still fairly limited. It would be my wish to see the developers install some kind of shared character account vault for easy loot sharing, as having a friend to carry your items for you to give to one of your other characters can be a hassle if he’s not around.

That storage space thing in games has always bothered me. Considering the amount of gold you can have later on in these games, you'd think you could buy a warehouse sized trunk to store things in.

Thanks, Exitium!

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