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Star Wolves 2 releases a demo

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Star Wolves 2 releases a demo

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 4 August 2006, 19:37:21

Tags: Star Wolves 2

Worthplaying has the English demo of Star Wolves 2. It's kind of tiny as far as demos go these days, only weighing in at 286MB. That means even you people still on dial up can spend a day downloading it. For those who know nothing about this, here's the feature list:
  • Star Wolves 2 is a sequel to the best-selling space strategy with role playing elements.
  • Huge game world with over 50 star systems and complete freedom to move from one to another
  • New ships including the Mothership, improved fighters and ships built using alien technologies
  • New characters and mercenaries to join your team
  • Non-linear storyline, several ways to finish the game and dynamic missions. It is up to the player to choose where to go and what missions to pick up.
  • Upgrade your ship with a huge range of parts
I like the sound of the non-linear, dynamic missions. That's something the first really needed.

Thanks, Exitium of RPG Front!

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