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Two Worlds hype and delay

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Two Worlds hype and delay

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 12 August 2006, 16:22:35

Tags: Two Worlds

Two Worlds, the greatest RPG and mega-seller ever created, is delayed in order to infuse some more greatness and awesomeness into the award-winning game.

Topware Interactive will invest additional development time into the role playing game “Two Worlds”. The delay into the 4th quarter of this year will makes sure that the title will release in its full splendor.

Miroslaw Dymek, Technical Director of the Reality Pump development team: “’Two Worlds” is a milestone in our company’s history. We want to be sure that every gamer will have as much fun playing our game as we are having during its’ development. Therefore, the focus of our team will be to create a quality RPG game and not in making the previously mentioned September time frame.”

Managing Director James Seaman: “We wanted to be on the safe side and did not want to compromise the ground breaking potential of this great game. The last few weeks of development have opened up many new options regarding graphics and game play and we want to realize these in a time frame that is stress free”​
God bless.

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