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Titan Quest 1.5 patch available

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Titan Quest 1.5 patch available

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 29 August 2006, 18:45:54

Tags: Titan Quest

3D Gamers has the 1.5 patch for Titan Quest. Here's all the things it fixes:
  • Fixed crash issues involving teleporting
  • Fixed pathing crashes involved with entering and leaving underground areas
  • Fixed crashes involving the Alt-Tab function
  • Fixed crash issue which could occur when standing at the same coordinates as an item and attempting to pick it up
  • Fixed a bug where items would occasionally fall through the world when they are dropped or unsuccessfully picked up
  • Fixed a bug where storing manual character back-ups in the SaveData folder would cause those characters to not be visible on the character select screen
  • Improved character auto back-up system
  • Implemented texture reduction matrix which allows the low graphics settings to use more compressed textures and improves performance on low end systems
  • Implemented the ability to turn shadows on and off. Shadows are currently on by default.
  • To turn shadows off, go to the My Games\Titan Quest\Settings directory and open the options.txt file after changing any option in game. Find the setting called "Shadows" and change its value to false. If the setting does not exist, add the line "shadows=false" to the end of the options.txt file.
  • Fixed the 'Fatal Error' message appearing when trying to boot up Titan Quest(tm) with Virtual Memory turned off
  • Implemented a minidump file into the crash logging system

I just like that they added the (tm) to the name of the game in their changelog.

Spotted at: VoodooExtreme

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