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Sega and Obsidian Entertainment to work on Alien franchise

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Sega and Obsidian Entertainment to work on Alien franchise

Game News - posted by Role-Player on Tue 12 December 2006, 15:04:33

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment

Gaming Target has reports of Obsidian Entertainment teaming up with Sega of America to develop a roleplaying game based in the Aliens franchise.

Sega today announced they will be creating new games based on the Alien series of movies and that the first one will be released in 2009.

Two games (a Role Playing Game and a First Person Shooter) are in the pipeline for unnamed "next-generation systems." While we don't know which systems the titles will appear on, we do know who's going to be doing the development work.

In a slight goof, the copyright information at the bottom of Sega's Alien teaser page features the names Obsidian Entertainment and Gearbox Software. From here we can make a few educated guesses. Obsidian will no doubt be working on the RPG because of their experience with Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II and Neverwinter Nights 2. Meanwhile, Gearbox is best known for the Brothers in Arms series, but they've shown their Sci-Fi FPS metal before with the PC port of Halo and the PS2 port of Half-Life.

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Spotted at: Gaming Target

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