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Two Worlds interview at RPG Watch

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Two Worlds interview at RPG Watch

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 15 January 2007, 14:35:57

Tags: Two Worlds

RPG Watch has posted the first part of an <a href=http://www.rpgwatch.com/show/article?articleid=19&ref=0&id=16>interview[/url] with Two Worlds' developers.

Let's start with some hype...

"Two Worlds combines a dynamic and sophisticated battle system with an enormous action theater and an astounding degree of 'freedom of decision'. This gives you, the player, a wonderfully novel and absolutely top-class RPG experience - and that was our project objective from the start. The game even enables you to design its unbelievably huge and detailed world to your own specifications."

...then get a glimpse of the well crafted story...

"The Orcs wage war against other sapient races, driven by the inborn desire of supremacy. That desire is a gift from their god, Aziraal, who was slain and buried in an unknown place long ago. But Orcs, Dwarves, Humans and Elves are not the only inhabitants of the world. Side by side live strange and ominous creatures..."

...then try to understand innovative design decisions...

"The hero of Two Worlds also starts as a first level character. There was no point in messing with accepted and proven mechanics. What really had to be introduced was the feeling of being somebody worthy of all those adventures ahead. A seasoned warrior who knows his trade deserves demanding missions, or his potential is spoiled."

...and, finally, enjoy the choices & consequences explanation.

"It may be really painful if you mess with an important faction, like in the situation when all the magic spells and potions are now only available through the black market, not to mention all those unavailable quests and wasted experience points. If, by the contrary you cooperate, the factions or guilds will treat you with respect and reverence worth any effort."​
Sounds like a fantastic game.

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