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Dawn of Magic action! Action! ACTION!

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Dawn of Magic action! Action! ACTION!

Game News - posted by Section8 on Thu 5 April 2007, 20:56:29

Tags: Dawn of Magic; Sky Fallen Entertainment

You heard it here last. There is now a demo available of Dawn of Magic, the rest of the world release of Sky Fallen's Russian Action RPG, Blood Magic. So head on over, click on the naked chick and get cracking. According to the website:

Get a first impression of the brand new hack’n’slay game Dawn of Magic by playing the demo! It features about half of the 1st act (5 acts in total) which will offer you 5-10 hours of original gameplay. And it’s even possible to play your demo character in the full game, so no hours are wasted.​
It's probably an ominous sign that time well spent is measured in character progression rather than actually enjoying the game, but that's not taking into account the fact that PR speak is all lies.

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