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Russian indie madness!

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Russian indie madness!

Company News - posted by Role-Player on Tue 24 April 2007, 16:03:00

Tags: 1C Entertainment

1C Company, one of the largest indie software developers and publishers in the Motherland, is set to publich games in the US. Here's the press release:

1C Company is happy to announce that it will begin publishing its titles in the United States. Between a new distribution and co-publishing partnership with Atari, Inc. and new offices in the West, consumers will soon be able to buy 1C’s game in most retailers across the US.

“1C has secured the position of the biggest publisher and distributor in Eastern and Central Europe. Our goal is to keep this leading role in the region and to expand our business into the Far East and Western worlds,” said Nikolay Baryshnikov, International Sales Director, 1C Company. “We have already opened several new offices including 1C UK and 1C Asia-Pacific and look forward to strengthening our position in the US. Together with our distribution partner Atari we would like to introduce our games to the American audience and offer an innovative approach to all the existing genres.”

“Atari is thrilled to partner with 1C and offer our retail partners a wider-array of products to appeal to the broad and fast-growing demographic of gamers in North America,” added Robert Stevenson, VP Business Development and Third Party at Atari.​
While good news for the indie developer and its fans, <a href=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Yeltsin#Death>Boris Yelstin was considerably heartbroken[/url] with Atari's involvement.

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