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Space Siege challenges Fallout 3!

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Space Siege challenges Fallout 3!

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 28 July 2007, 19:18:10

Tags: Gas Powered Games; Space Siege

We've neglected Chris "I think that story can make games better!" Taylor's latest masterpiece - Space Siege, falsely assuming that there is no way this game can top Fallout 3 in the stupidity department. It's quite possible that we were wrong.

[Aliens] proceed to wipe the planet clean of all life by cracking the planet's crust with powerful lasers. Bummer.

Luckily, Seth Walker commands another colony ship that was about to take off for solar systems unknown just as the aliens attacked. Although he manages to escape the destruction of the Earth, he doesn't manage to leave the solar system before the aliens locate his ship and manage to land a boarding team on it. As the game progresses, Seth's mission will entail tracking down the aliens before they manage to spread throughout the ship and eradicate humanity entirely.

...focus will be on allowing you to inhabit the character of Seth and telling a deep and engaging story.​
"Kill teh evil aliens" is what passes for deep and engaging story these days?

Seth's story revolves around his experiences with cybernetic experimentation. As the game progresses, Seth will be capable of replacing body parts, such as his arms, eyes, or even his lungs, with mechanical parts that will make him better...stronger...faster. These parts will also grant him special abilities that will make the game much easier than it would be otherwise. However, as you increase the amount of Seth's cybernetic upgrades, his "humanity meter" will drain. This acts as a kind of default difficulty setting for the game; you won't switch from easy to hard mode as you get better, but will instead be able to set the level of challenge by either withholding upgrades or going for broke and attempting to make Seth into a walking robot.​
Sounds like a retarded difficulty scaling concept. It's like saying "if you want a challenging game, don't equip any armor and fight with a toothpick; but don't you dare complaining that the game is easy, if you are wearing armor and using weapons!"

Chris Taylor and GPG also use the humanity meter as a way to bridge the divide between casual and hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers will be able to compete with each other by attempting to complete the game with the fewest cybernetic add-ons, while players who simply want to relax and have fun will be able to upgrade themselves fully and enjoy blasting their enemies.​
Beyond stupid.

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