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Age of Decadence Combat Peek at RPGVault

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Age of Decadence Combat Peek at RPGVault

Preview - posted by Calis on Mon 30 July 2007, 19:51:13

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence

RPGVault has published their second peek at Age of Decadence, the upcoming Gladiator-on-Gladiator-action RPG by Iron Tower Studios, a company founded by the man with the smallest penis in Canada.
The piece seems to be by the hand of said founder and lead designer, and includes 3:24 of combat footage from the game in .wmv format. As we've come to expect from these filthy developers, the article contains cheeky hype such as:

This article is dedicated to combat, so let me start with an important announcement for our fans. The game is no longer turn-based. Yes, we've finally seen the light and realized that turn-based combat is a feature of the past, a feature that was blindly carried over from board games, that evolved a long time ago into cinematic, real-time, next-generation battles. So, let's leave all that turn-based nonsense in the past and chess clubs, and embrace the next-generation future.

We call our new revolutionary combat mode "Xtreme". The recent advances in rocket science have allowed our engineers to slow down bullet-time significantly, achieving the above-mentioned and very next-generationy mode. It gives the player enough time to react and do all kinds of cool cinematic things in proper sequence. While to an untrained eye, it may seem that the game is still turn-based, we can assure you that you couldn't be more wrong, and what you are about to witness in the video accompanying this text is the cutting edge, Xtreme bullet time design of tomorrow.​
Also, the lack of actual funny stuff in this news post makes the spirit of Spazmo weep.

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