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Two Worlds review at RPG Watch

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Two Worlds review at RPG Watch

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 30 October 2007, 19:02:48

Tags: Two Worlds

RPG Watch's Corwin has written a <a href=http://www.rpgwatch.com/show/article?articleid=68&ref=0&id=16>review[/url] of Two Worlds. Brian and Michael also added their opinions. The score is 3/5.

David: The game really does nothing brilliantly, but many things well enough to create a fun and enjoyable experience. I wanted to explore more before finishing the game and I'll likely return to an earlier save to see what else I missed by finishing quickly. It's not a deep, challenging experience. There are precious few moral dilemmas and rarely are their major consequences to your actions. Combat is relatively easy so that people who are twitch challenged like myself can still have fun, while those who prefer it more difficult can choose to play on Hard. Bottom line? I liked the game and would recommend it to most people except the overly fussy. It's very Gothic-like while being different in many ways as well. Grab the demo and give it a spin if you're still unsure but it's a pleasant way to spend a few spare hours.

Brian: I'm wary of the comparison to Gothic. There are indeed enough similarities to make the comparison valid but, for me, Gothic represents the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of artistic vision. Two Worlds definitely has something to offer - especially for explorers - but the everything-including-the-kitchen-sink feature set lacks focus, serving up a generic setting, underdone combat, trite story and horrendous dialogue. So many opportunities are squandered, like the potentially interesting factions that just go nowhere in terms of the actual gameplay. Some players will really enjoy developing their characters (the skill system is a highlight) and travelling the huge world, but Two Worlds just didn't engage me.

Michael: Despite having some very mixed feelings about the game, I am not of two minds about Two Worlds. No, as I spent dozens of hours wandering the countryside of Antaloor I was very aware of the many shortcomings of the game; yet I kept on going, having a very good time playing this very flawed game. Will you enjoy it similarly? It depends on many things - and on your tolerance threshold for many things. I have discussed the game with many people and found that certain problems that stopped some people dead in their tracks didn't even register with others. Unfortunately, there is no possible way of describing Two Worlds as 'superb' ... unless you think of the towns of Dungeon Lords as simply 'understaffed'. There are many good and bad elements in this free-roaming and sprawling third-person RPG. So instead of detailing every aspect, I'm just going to list out the positive and negative features...​
Multiple opinions in a review are always a good thing.

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