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GPG's Chris Taylor about to drag action RPGs into the future

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GPG's Chris Taylor about to drag action RPGs into the future

Preview - posted by Monolith on Fri 9 November 2007, 21:20:11

Tags: Gas Powered Games; Space Siege

...or "How could I justify my fucked up design philosophy?". If you want to read up on what Chris Taylor's design philosophy is and what Space Siege will be like, head to Eurogamer's extensive preview of said game.

Other aspects of the action RPG genre fall by the wayside like confetti as Taylor explains Space Siege to us. The game eschews the concept of experience points in favour of the aforementioned cybernetic upgrades; Taylor dismisses the experience system as "old school".​
Welcome to the future, baby! Confusing numbers are out, we have cybernetic upgrades!!

Game Over screens, too, are "old school". Instead, the game will sport regular health stations scattered throughout the levels, and when you die, you respawn at the last station you visited. Sound familiar? Taylor makes no bones about the similarity with Bioshock's Vita Chambers - a lot of Gas Powered's decisions, he says, were confirmed by Bioshock's popularity.​
Thanks Bioshock. No, honestly. I fear of what Chris would have come up with if Bioshock wasn't so popular...

Indeed, there's a feeling that Taylor has had something of a Road to Damascus experience - and Space Siege is the result. He's open and honest about his belief that the hardcore market for games is diminishing, and believes that what consumers want now is a fun "interactive entertainment" experience, rather than a traditional "videogame".​
I prefer fun "videogames" to untraditional "interactive entertainment" experiences.

Chris really seems determined to make games for bots. Greedy bastard probably wants to get rid of paying for all those testers.

Thanks, chaedwards

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