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Spells of Gold interview at RPG Vault

Spells of Gold interview at RPG Vault

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 3 December 2002, 03:32:25

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RPG vault has posted their interview with Sergey Videneev about the trading CRPG he's working on, Spells of Gold. Here's a bit about it:

Jonric: With respect to the player's hero character, what kind of primary attributes have you incorporated? And within the three ways you noted earlier, to what extent will the game support different playing styles, especially non-violent ones?

Sergey Videneev:
As has already been said, the hero is an orphan brought up by a merchant and who got his stuff after his death. The hero has six primary abilities (Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, Willpower, Charisma, Constitution) and a number of secondary ones, for example, mana, hitpoints, armor, etc. Three ways are available for the hero to develop and perfect himself. They are Warrior, Mage and Merchant. These ways are not mutually exclusive and the hero may combine the three of them and learn various skills. But, I must warn, this is not so easy, because monsters become stronger and more powerful pro rata to your rising experience and strength (just like in Diablo). Learning the skills, which are divided into three groups - military, spiritual and common - may help you advance in the ways. The skills may be both active (use mana when in effect) and passive (are always on, do not use mana). It is possible to finish the game with minimum monsters killed; just use your major weapon - money and talk. Or if you wish, you may massacre every moving creature.​

Major weapon being talk? I like it already!

Spotted this at HameLAN.

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