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Fallout 3 nearly baked

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Fallout 3 nearly baked

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 25 March 2008, 16:50:10

Tags: Fallout 3

British PC IGN(as if there's a need for a British specific version of IGN for the PC) has a preview-let about Fallout 3 being nearly completed. Since the rest of the world is hyping the 200 end scene thing, I'll point out this:

The podcast went on to talk about "Dog Meat", your artificial dog ally. The game allows you to team up with Dog Meat and one humanoid ally of your choosing. Any more allies and the game would get too hectic, asserts Howard.

It is possible to give Dog Meat fetch commands, but players shouldn't be too brash ordering Dog Meat around, as giving him careless orders could lead to his demise. "He has health and can die," said Howard. Bethesda is still tweaking Dog Meat's game play mechanics however, "We're playing with how much health does he actually have? How does he heal on his own? Do you have to heal him?" The team decided it didn't want to constrain players into constantly protecting Dog Meat, so Bethesda decided you had to be a real reckless player for him to die.​
So, what's Charisma do in this game? Followers are fixed to one plus a dog, which is something Charisma determined in Fallout, so what does that attribute do now? Oh yeah, and "Dog Meat". Real original, guys!

Spotted at: Voodoo Extreme

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