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Avernum V gets the GameBanshee Treatment

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Avernum V gets the GameBanshee Treatment

Review - posted by baby arm on Wed 23 April 2008, 06:39:32

Tags: Avernum 5; Spiderweb Software

GameBanshee's resident Drakensang apologist, Thomas Beekers, put together a review of Avernum V, giving it an overall score of 7.0 out of 10.

The thing with Avernum quests is that they rarely challenge your faculties. Avernum 5 has more quests that require you to puzzle or think a bit, but the majority of quests is solved in the good old Avernum way – by simply going everywhere and walking around every corner on every map. This works to a certain extent – hell, it's probably where Avernum's exploration charm comes from – but when the game gets this long, it starts to be a drag, especially if combat isn't very challenging any more (see below). I was actually glad to see how small the penultimate and last areas were, and how focused the quests were once you're beyond Vahnatai lands. Such relief borders on “it's almost over, yippee”, which is never good.​
In other words, it's a Jeff Vogel game.

Thanks to Kharn for the link.

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