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New major version release for UnReal World

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New major version release for UnReal World

Development Info - posted by Fez on Fri 9 May 2008, 17:16:25

Tags: UnReal World

The Finnish graphical roguelike <a href=http://www.jmp.fi/~smaarane/urw.html>UnReal World[/url] has recently had an update, bringing it up to version 3.10-1. Here are a few items that appear on the latest list of changes:

[*]fixed: dead shopkeepers still trying to trade. Very persistent businessmen!
[*]fixed: stacks of traps in inventory reducing down to a quantity of one if a trap was set (applied) from the stack
[*]fixed the time required for curing and tanning
[*]protection value of the clothes you make is now dependent from the type of the leather/hide used
[*]foreign traders' inventories arranged a bit to offer more trading possibilities
[*]changes in cookery and recipes
[*]building construction is now a tile-by-tile procedure
[*]added unique graphical symbols for the peoples of the three major cultural regions

No more zombie shopkeepers in the game? How could our Finnish brothers betray us so? The decline of the RPG industry is more apparent with each passing day.

You can find all of the latest changes on <a href=http://www.jmp.fi/~smaarane/newslist.txt>this long and detailed list[/url]. It is an unusual RPG and a fine example of what the indie RPG industry can produce. It would be well worth you taking the time to try the demo available on the UnReal World site, especially if you are already a fan of games like the complex Dwarf Fortress and you are able to look beyond the simple visuals. It is a refreshing change from the usual hack and slash titles that have been exorcised of their tyranny of choices long before release.

Cheers, Sami!

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