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Are you a man enough dude to become a machine?

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Are you a man enough dude to become a machine?

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 17 June 2008, 02:16:35

Tags: Space Siege

That's what gamesradar.com asks in their preview of Space Siege:

Hindsight says that wasn’t the best idea because I soon graduated from the weaker Kerak to the bigger, meaner Veteran Hunters, who surprised me by standing up again after being hit with a blast of fire ammo and then smacked down with a magnablade attack. Not coincidentally, this is also where I first experienced the BioShock-style resurrection system: I respawned in the nearest medical device at full health, but the damage I’d inflicted on the enemy was still in effect, leading me to believe that Gas Powered is going for a casual experience that doesn’t frustrate gamers with overly tough enemies. Fortunately (from a keeping-us-alive perspective), I stumbled upon the disassembled parts of an HRV robot. After a little tinkering, a fully upgradable “Harvey” sidekick bot was up and running, watching my back with machine guns that I later upgraded to napalm throwers.


Cybernetic augmentation is definitely the stand-out feature of Space Siege, as destroying your own humanity to preserve the human race adds a little food for thought to the general coolness of being a killer cyborg fighting aliens. This is the thinking man’s killer cyborg game.​
Hey, whatever happaned to death? "Thinking" also seems to be the new catch-phrase for this round of RPG's.

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