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GamePlayer does Fallout 3

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GamePlayer does Fallout 3

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 25 June 2008, 14:31:06

Tags: Fallout 3

Australian website Gameplayer has kicked off their "week of Fallout" with a nine page preview of Fallout 3 (it's okay, that pages are really tiny). It starts off with the expected "the fans are wrong" (which seems to be run of the mill in Fallout 3 articles these days) and moves on to how awesome Bethesda are by page 3:

This, of course, presents the challenge of containing its own ambition, something that Howard admitted Bethesda is always struggling to do: “We always go too far. Always. So it’s like a blessing and a curse. I think people look for us to do that, but at times we certainly bite off more then we can chew, so we worry about being able to create a game that competes with the smaller, more focused titles out there, in terms of polish.”


Most importantly, it felt like the right fit for the game, a happy medium between turn-based and real-time combat: “I think the VATS combat works really well,” he insists. “It feels like a throwback to the way many games were played, but visually it’s insane.” VATS essentially pauses the game and allows you to zoom into your target to get detailed information on damage taken and areas you can hit. Through the use of your action points, you can queue multiple attacks in a row, press go and be treated to a dramatic cinematic of your attacks taking effect.


The Pip-Boy can be used as a torch of sorts in dark areas, be personalised to output its images in different colours (although, as the team points out, why would you really want to when green was the original colour?) and check your internal radiation levels at a glance.​
Add the geiger counter to the list of items not in the game. Though it is nice to know Bethesda are spending time on the things that made Fallout, "Fallout". I hope I get to make my PipBoy bright fluorescent pink.

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