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Paradise Cracked interview at GameSpy

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Paradise Cracked interview at GameSpy

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 6 December 2002, 20:52:33

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GameSpy Daily has posted up an interview with MiST Land about their upcoming, sci-fi, cyberpunk, tactical CRPG, Paradise Cracked. Here's a bit on the role playing aspect:

GameSpy: Tell us about the RPG layer of the game: What are the basic skills that players have and how do they advance them? How is experience earned and how is it applied to skills?

Vitaly Shutov: First of al,l you have you decide what parameters you will improve, because some of them are limited. Each character that joins the player?s party has a particular set of parameters, and the best way to handle skills improvements is to improve the ones that character is using. Some parameters can only be improved by cyber-implants. Some ( like Sight or Health) depend on other parameters. Each character also has his\her own personality.
The number of improvement points, which your character gets when it goes up a level, depends on the character?s race, gender, and age. Cyborgs get less points, mutants get more. Women get more points, than men do. Younger characters get more points than older ones.

Each character has the following set of parameters:

Strength determines the character?s number of AP ( action points), his\her health, and the weight the character can carry. In addition, some heavy weapons require great strength to be used.

Dexterity determines how many AP the character will spend to use actions (walk, run, open doors, etc) . Dexterity and Strength limit each other.
Accuracy determines the character?s accuracy of shooting.

Reaction influences the character?s ability to react to enemies? appearance. If during the opponent?s turn your character, who has good reaction, catches sight of an enemy, the character will automatically interrupt the enemy?s turn and open fire at the enemy. This parameter is especially important to snipers.

Intellect enables characters to use high tech weapons, and is very important to hackers. The higher the parameter the greater chance the hacker has to unlock a door or to break a cash dispenser. In addition this parameter determines the hacker?s ability to break robots. The higher is your hacker?s Intellect the greater chance the hacker has to break up a robot.

Driving determines the character?s driving skills. Good driving skills will enable your characters to drive any military vehicles, including heavy tanks. But even a mini-bus may be of great help in combat, because you can simply run over your enemy with it, instead of engaging into a fight with him\her. Driving and Accuracy limit each other.

The other parameters (sight, health, resistance to fire, electricity, or shock, etc.) depend on the main parameters. Some of them are increased automatically when you increase your main parameters. Others can be increased by special cyber implants.

The character development system is similar to that of DIABLO. For example, you gain experience by killing enemies and by fulfilling quests. As your character?s experience points reach a certain value, the character gets a ?level-up? and a number of IMPROVEMENT POINTS to distribute between his\her abilities. As I have said before, the number of improvement points is different for different characters ( women get more than men, cyborgs get less than human, etc.). All the parameters (abilities) are interconnected, so you cannot develop one parameter without limiting some other ( thus Strength limits Intellect, and visa versa).​

I still don't get the reason for that limitation bit.

Spotted this at VoodooExtreme.

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