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Double the skills for robots in Space Siege

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Double the skills for robots in Space Siege

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 28 June 2008, 03:39:21

Tags: Space Siege

IGN have a quick preview of Space Siege. There's not much new but:

For one thing, the game will feature different endings based which decisions you've made with the upgrades. NPCs in the main questing hub will react different depending on how many artificial bits you've grafted to yourself, and if you stay pure human you'll gain access to two special abilities otherwise locked out.

Just from looking at the skill tree, however, it seems more beneficial to drop as many implants into Walker [the player] as possible as it unlocks nearly double the amount of skills in addition to giving you access to a wider range of weaponry. These upgrades are performed at special stations located around the ship, and have the bonus functionality of letting you upgrade your own and Harvey's statistics as well as whatever weaponry you're carrying around.

Doing most of this requires parts. It seems as though GPG is going for a streamlined sort of design with Space Siege, since these parts are pretty much the entirety to what enemies give out when defeated. They're not littering the ground with weaponry, armor, cash and various items or upgrades, just parts, which are added to a single total. And when you do get weapons, which happens very rarely according the producer we were talking to, you keep every one in a sort of permanent inventory, meaning you don't have to ditch or sell unused weaponry.​
Sounds like the game will be complete and utter crap designed for the mentally challenged "casual gamer". You can find five new screenshots for the game over on WorthPlaying. If you want some more info, CrispyGamer also has an article titled "Five things you need to know about Space Siege".

Spotted @ Brother None's Summer Job

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