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Chris Avellone BGamer Interview at A Post Nuclear Blog

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Chris Avellone BGamer Interview at A Post Nuclear Blog

Interview - posted by El Dee on Thu 10 July 2008, 21:47:18

Tags: Chris Avellone

A Post Nuclear Blog has an interview posted that Chris Avellone did for Portuguese gaming magazine BGamer. Some highlights:
Any game you worked on that you are particularly fond of?

I enjoyed working on almost all of them, but I loved working on Planescape: Torment the most, mostly because I can point to it and say, “that game is what I wanted to say about RPGs.” That said, I did enjoy working on Fallout 2 and I love working on Alpha Protocol at Obsidian - I think it’s going to add a lot of depth and intrigue to espionage games from a role-playing perspective. Also, the chance to script characters who can talk about problems in the modern world and use modern-day slang and phrases is a huge plus.

What, for you, makes a good story?

Providing the player with interesting companions and characters who react to the player’s actions I think is more important than a linear storyline. In most cases, I feel the best way is to allow the player the pieces to build a story in their own mind as opposed to forcing a storyline on the player. If you give the player a great villain and some companions that serve as good sounding boards for the player’s actions, that can present a far more effective gaming story in the long run - players would prefer to explain to others how their character dealt with a certain situation or dealt with a certain NPC rather than have the exact same experience that was imposed on them as someone else who played the same title.

Thanks, Briosafreak!

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