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Dungeon Hero first impressions over at destructoid

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Dungeon Hero first impressions over at destructoid

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 16 July 2008, 17:04:18

Tags: Dungeon Hero

Destructoid have a first impression up of Firefly's under-development Dungeon Hero. Here's a bit on how they'll be creating their in-depth world:

Firefly intends to create an atmosphere that feels alive, and even though it's only in the early stages, we got to see some examples of the team's ambition. As our hero walked through the trenches, we saw Goblins playing on guitars, doctors sawing off limbs and generals planning their next move. Simon promised that the trenches would be even more alive in the future, as goblins run past on stretchers and have conversations. Of course, the games industry is full of promises and claims of "we will have this and this and this," so I took an opportunity to sit down with Simon and chat to him about how Firefly is going to live up to its ambitions.

"We're using very simple methods," answered Simon when grilled and accused of dirty lies. "We're not looking to introduce some advanced AI. A lot of the groundwork has already been done in previous games like Stronghold, where you click on a guy and he follows his own set path and does his thing."

So, rather than actually create a super-duper, AI-led, living and breathing world, is it more about creating illusions, adding a lot of activity to make things seem more alive than they are?

"Exactly. Everything has its set path, and moves between those points, but there's going to be a lot going on."​
Be sure to check the rest for a run-down on the combat.

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