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Not Really In A Dungeon Psychopath

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Not Really In A Dungeon Psychopath

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 26 July 2008, 08:31:39

Tags: Dungeon Hero

Compoota and Video Games have explored the depths of Dungeon Hero. Watch now as I copy-paste:

Ask them to name one thing they hate about the fantasy genre as it stands, and they'll wheel out the same response with bristling enthusiasm.

"Personally I'm a big fan of Dungeon Master on the Atari," reminisces Bradbury, "and then following on from that, Dungeon Keeper. But in my mind things have sort of stayed the same since: you go into a room and objects have been plonked in there, it's very Tolkeinesque, there's wolves in that room and a giant spider in this room and two trolls over there. We want to do a game that moves things on."


"If you spend your skill points on a headbutt," states Bradbury with pride, "you'll be headbutting goblins in your next fight."​
They moved on all right. There's more talk of Goblin's getting carried away in stretcher's and mentions of lack-lustre combat. On the bright side, the game has about a year of development left to go.

Spotted @ GameBanshee

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