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Leon on Diablo 3: It is a risk...

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Leon on Diablo 3: It is a risk...

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 26 July 2008, 12:23:00

Tags: Diablo III

IGN have an interview with Leonard Boyarsky about Diablo 3 and his role as Lead World Designer:

IGN: What do you do as the lead world designer, and what have you worked on in the past in that respect?

Leonard Boyarsky: As lead world designer I'm responsible for the lore of the game, the history, the story. I work with a quest designer named Michael Chu, who's had a lot of experience in the RPG industry. We make sure that through the quests the story's being conveyed to the player. We also work very closely with the art department to make sure - y'know, they'll come to us and say to us 'what's going on with this civilisation or that civilisation, what's the history?' Because there's a lot of ruins and building up on cities that have been around for a long time. So, building a world – the way we're building this world – from the ground up and with a lot of history, really informs the art. And it's a back and forth thing too, the artists will sometimes come up with really cool concepts and we'll work that back into the lore. So that's basically what we do there.

IGN: How much choice do you have as a player to shape your character's persona? Dialogue trees or anything like that?

Leonard Boyarsky: There won't be any dialogue trees per se, but we're working on ways of your player affecting things. That's all I'll really say about that right now. We do want your player to feel like he's driving the story, and we looked at it more like a character that you can watch develop and identify with, as if, a bit more like a book you're reading or a movie you're watching, you know, a character you can identify with and be fired up to be that character, be excited to be that character. And it remains to be seen whether people get behind that or not. It is a risk…​
A risk that'll hopefully pay off.

Thanks Stainless!

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