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Fate: Unsdiscovered Realms released

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Fate: Unsdiscovered Realms released

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 28 July 2008, 15:15:27

Tags: Fate

... about a month ago but here it is anyway. It's the expansion / sequel / stand-alone thing for Fate, the game nobody here has an unlock code for so don't ask. Here's the low-down:

- It's really just the same game as the first one, only with new locations and monsters. Everything else is literally identical to the original, including gameplay, character creation, player models, interface and skill system

- Instead of one town with one endless dungeon, this one has two, each with its own main quest

- There are new sidequest types, including escort missions

- The story picks up exactly where the first game ended

- In addition to the fishing minigame, there's also a card collecting/trading minigame now, but I couldn't try this in the demo, so I have no idea how it works

- You can import your old characters

- You can play all the difficulty levels in Iron Man mode​
If you haven't played Fate and want a bit of a fun dungeon romp, it might be worth looking into. If you have played Fate, word on the street is you should skip it. If you don't know what Fate is, read Saint's review.

Thanks Uz0rnaem!

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