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Space Siege demo is out and it's awful

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Space Siege demo is out and it's awful

Game News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Wed 30 July 2008, 02:51:02

Tags: Space Siege

The Space Siege demo has been released. And it's not worth playing going by the comments in our forum. I'll just quote inwoker:

Ok. I played it.
Camera, camera, camera!
Camera is really clumsy. If you ever thought there was a bad uncomfortable camera in nwn2, you are surely mistaken. I never played Dungeon Siege so can't compare.
I always thought 3d-camera in the action-rogue-rpg is bad idea. The worse idea is poorly done 3d-camera. It constantly jumps, swithches angles etc.

The demo allows you to play a role of Seth Walker. The choises between light and dark side are shown clearly in the demo. If you choose light don't use any cyber-implants, that way you save your humanity. Humanity, oh well. And also would not decrease challenge to zero. Two implants were present in demo: cyberlegs and some other - don't remmember; each decreses your humanity by 15% and boosts some stats. Also it allows you to use more powerful weaponry like chaingun.

Skills are divided into engeneering and combat. I wasn't offered to increase anything

The only loot in the game is parts which can be spent on weapon upgrades and increasing some resists or something. To collect it press z button - which means vacuum collector or something. Ah actually there were 2 healthpacks, 2 implants and 2 weapons. But they didn't come from monsters. Also in the rooms with workbenches you may craft some shit from looted parts.

The enemies are some mechanized aliens. Big ones and small ones. Big ones are toughter. That's all. They drop mentioned loot.

The graphics in the game is really ugly. It's badly done 3d. Style is just some generic space comix, nothing spectacular.

Conclusion - not worth playing. Don't even try. Save your time​
The demo tops in at 957 MB.

Thanks Korgan!

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