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Space Siege Bores More Reviewers

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Space Siege Bores More Reviewers

Review - posted by baby arm on Sat 30 August 2008, 07:48:30

Tags: Space Siege

Space Siege, the Hellgate: London of 2008, has been getting disappointing reviews right and left. Up next is Crispy Gamer with a score of "fry it".

In fact, so much is made of the struggle between cybernetic enhancements and true humanity that I can't help but suspect that part of the game is missing, that someone somewhere ran out of time. This missing center of the game only draws attention to how pedestrian the rest of Space Siege is. You ride a subway to a new location and kill more aliens. You ride an elevator, activate an item and wait for your new orders. The sense of disappointment wouldn't be so acute it Space Siege's developers hadn't spent months talking about the dramatic choices you would have to make in their story. The plot and some items point to this concept being central to the original design, but all we get in the end are corridors of nasties that need to be cleansed.​
Other reviews to check out are Eurogamer (5/10), TrustedReviews (4/10), and Giant Bomb with a slightly more positive 3 out of 5 stars.

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