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Arcania preview at gram.pl

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Arcania preview at gram.pl

Preview - posted by Elwro on Fri 5 September 2008, 01:58:10

Tags: JoWood Productions

I spotted a preview of Arcania (the next game in JoWood's Gothic series, developed by Spellbound of Airline Tycoon fame) at gram.pl. Don't worry you can't read it, because it's almost entirely content-free. I mean, you already know the game will take place on an island, feature a new Nameless One, include hundreds of quests with lots of choices, boast an extensive alchemy and item crafting system, and have combat relying on Stamina, therefore minimizing mindless bashing (yeah, right), don't you? So just look at the purty screens. 'course, they are exactly the same screens as World of Gothic is using in their preview. As I guess all the other sites will do in their upcoming Arcania previews.

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