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Gothic 3: Ragnarok interview at

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Gothic 3: Ragnarok interview at

Interview - posted by Elwro on Thu 11 September 2008, 00:07:23

Tags: Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods; Trine Game Studios have an interview with Kevaad Abdool of Trine studios, the Indian producers of Gothic 3: Götterdämmerung, the expansion to Piranha Bytes' bug-ridden but charming and enjoyable title.

A summary: even though Trine are based in India, they have people from the USA, UK and other European countries. They never had any contact with the original Gothic 3 team and claim to have complete freedom concerning the development of the expansion; still, the goal is to bridge the gap between Gothic 3 and Arcania: A Gothic Tale. The AI now takes more variables into account, so it's easier for the devs to control NPCs. There are of course numerous technical improvements, though Kevaad mostly speaks about improving the graphics. There have been two teams of testers, one from Trine, the other from JoWood.

The key features of the expansion are new characters, new weapons, the revamped combat system, new graphical effects and more fluid performance. There will be new quest types, to break the feeling of monotony which one might get while playing Gothic 3; new skills will be introduced, too. The devs have devised a complicated system regarding damage, stamina and health loss during combat, which uses the character and weapon attributes as inputs, so that now the player can develop a character which will fit his playing style (I'm not sure what this means... maybe that the significance of player skill will be lowered? - Elwro).

Read the interview here; the last page contains the English version (which I noticed after writing the summary from the German text GODDAMIT!).

"Götterdämmerung" sounds so much cooler than "Forsaken Gods", the official English title. And it also hints at some GvG action... who knows? Time will tell.

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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