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Cyclopean announced

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Cyclopean announced

Development Info - posted by Elwro on Thu 11 September 2008, 23:19:15

Tags: Cyclopean; Iron Tower Studio

I always wanted to play a cRPG set in the Lovecraftian mythos. It turns out I might have the chance to do so - Iron Tower Studios have announced forming a second development team ("Team Omega") and beginning the design phase of their new game, titled "Cyclopean". To quote Scott, the lead designer (who also worked on the Keep on the Borderlands ToEE mod):

The player starts out in Lovecraft’s most famous fictional town, Arkham. Over the course of the game the player will travel to several other locations in and under the State of Massachusetts, and come in contact with cultists, law enforcement, hapless citizens, shadowy organizations, criminals, otherworldly creatures, and if he’s lucky, horrors beyond imagining. The game will concentrate on dense, quality writing in Lovecraft’s style, thrilling dialogue, and stimulating turn-based combat versus people and other things. Emphasis will be placed on quests with many possible solutions and outcomes. Players will not be restricted to fighting evil, but may ally themselves with those who wish to bring back the Great Old Ones, as well as various other organizations. Details to follow. The player will be able to pick up autonomous NPC support, a la Fallout, during the game. Influence over ally’s basic AI will be available, but equipment changes will be limited.

A concern already raised is that Lovecraft’s canon does not suit itself to a computer game. I think the locations, creatures and atmosphere established by Lovecraft are entirely adaptable, not just as a colourful background to the same tired old RPG themes, but as an entire game experience. Any established body of work translated to a computer game, or any other form of media, will have to be bent somewhat to accommodate its new form. It is my belief that a more faithful translation of Lovecraft’s world can be implemented as a fun and worthwhile CRPG.

Finally, here are a few things which will not be in Cyclopean: immortal and chatty NPC’s with abandonment issues, elves, giant rats, sewers, black and red hellscapes, and Monty Python references.​
Sounds perfect. Also, we learn from the FAQ that the game will be isometric and turn-based. Hell, judging from the examples of writing the game would probably be fantastic as a text-only IF title. Just check out these two (the previous words are two different links) suberb writing samples. To conclude this newspost, let me just quote a line from the second one, which I'd wager at least semi-accurately describes the lead designer of the game:

I was a Professor of Mathematics. But soon, I will be so much more.​
Best luck to the project!

Thanks, Lumpy!

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