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Diablo 3 info at IncGamers

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Diablo 3 info at IncGamers

Interview - posted by Elwro on Sun 14 September 2008, 02:21:23

Tags: Blizzard Entertainment; Diablo III

IncGamers spoke to Bashiok, Diablo III community manager and got some bits of info about the game, which they decided to call an "inforview". Some info has already been known - from the old classes only the Barbarian is going to be included in the main game, the new graphical tone is here to stay etc. Let me just quote a slightly disturbing fragment:

Bashiok reiterated, upon questioning, that Diablo III isn't going to be an MMO. He made clear that the “action RPG concept” is the direction they are taking the game.
“The focus is still on the 'action game' aspects of it, not the role playing aspects.”

He gave us an example, which he indicated isn't commonly known: “We're iterating a lot on the health orb system. The way it looks right now, orbs will just drop. It may end up a lot more like a 'health up' from a platformer, and not like the way it worked in Diablo II. You step into one, and you heal yourself.”
He also added that the health orbs may also aid people in your group, possibly according to need and range: “We're also looking at a system where you step into it, and you'll heal a party member.” He indicated that none of this, of course, is confirmed, and much testing and implementation has yet to be done.​
Hope they let Boyarski put in the quest ideas he was talking about a while ago. I'd put a link here but it seems the database has been flooded with Escapist refugees and doesn't permit me to do anything. So maybe he actually didn't talk about anything like it, and I have fabricated it to try to convince myself that Diablo III will have some non-trivial quest mechanics. Bah, who cares. I always thought about Diablo as a roguelike with dramatically simplified mechanics but dramatically enhanced graphics; as such, it was just perfect.

Thanks, LCJr!

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